Train Beff

Train Beff

Train Beff is the older brother of Mina and Carrie. He is just like Trina only he is the exact opposite of Trina. He loves his 2 younger sisters (Carrie the best), and his goal in life is to make Carrie and her band, The Newmans, the best band in the world. He also has his own journal which he always lets his younger sibling use. He makes an appearance in the fanfiction, Grojband Music and Romance (


Train looks everything like Trina except his gender. He wears a white long sleeved T-shirt, purple pants, pink socks and white shoes. His hair is cut short, and he has black eyes, and has a Purple bandana on his head.

Grojband Music and RomanceEdit

Train was first introduced in Grojband Music and Romance when Carrie asks him if he can do some diary theft. Once at the Riffin's house he reveals himself to Grojband and Trina. Everyone is shocked that Trina has an opposite. He runs off with the diary and heads to the contest. Once there, he stops Corey from getting to the diary and Mina tackles him giving Corey a chance. It is later revealed that he is being controlled by the metrognome who wants revenge on Grojband. Working together with Grojband and the Newmans they put an end to him and peace was restored to peaceville

Music and Romance IIEdit

Train makes another appearance in Music and Romance II with the same intention of making his sister the best in the world. One time he got Carrie and her friends tickets to prom with the hope of seeing her perform, but that opportunity was already taken by Grojband. he also met One for All. Later he realized that the guitar player tricked his sister and wants to get even, so he joins forces with Grojband and heads to the festival. This shows more of Train's anger problem that was not shown in the first story of Music and Romance. Like Trina when she was before, Train likes to boss Mina around and do his bidding, and do things that seem impossible, but she loves him just the same, and he loves her. He has a crush on Nichole Vallory (Doppelganger of Nick Mallory) (More to be added here)

Magical Mystery TourEdit

Train hears about the mystery tour and decides to take Carrie and The Newmans with him. While there he sees his school crush, Nichole Vallory, and sings the song "I want you (She's So Heavy)" with other men while trying to woo her. She always gives Train a wink.

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