%3D%3D] Katrina Riffin is the new alter-ego of Trina who is nice to Corey and loves him dearly. This transformation takes place after the events of Grojband: Music and Romance (

Music and RomanceEdit

At first, Katrina is still Trina until one night. Corey had some lyrics and wanted to sing them to Laney, but he wanted to show his sister first. He knocks on the door and Trina answers with a harsh "Ugh, what?!", but after hearing what he had to say, she felt bad and granted his request. Afterwards she then realized she was acting mean to Corey because she didn't want to lose him, and that she was jealous because he was such an amazing musician and apologizes for being so mean to him and his friends. Later she drops Corey and Laney off for a date at the park. Then she meets her Doppleganger, Train Beff, who steals her diary for the Newmans. With the help of Nick Mallory and Barney, they chase them down to the battle of the bands. Trina threatens to beat up Train if he doesn't let Corey go when trying to get the diary, and it is later revealed that the Metrognome was the true puppeteer. He tries to take Grojband's timing but takes Nick's, and Trina goes Diary. Corey uses the lyrics to defeat him and Peaceville is saved. in an epilogue chapter she films Corey and the band and puts it on Bleeter, which Corey notices. She reveals her name is now and forever, KA-Trina

Music and Romance IIEdit

Katrina and Grojband are now buddy-buddy after the events of Music and Romance. She shares diary thoughts and gives them to Corey and his friends and tells them she got them a gig playing at her school's prom. Katrina has changed a lot since the events, and realizes that Mina likes Nick and lets her have him. Realizing she has no date for Prom, Corey encourages her to ask Kon (Who has an obvious crush on her) which he accepts. Katrina and kon danced the night, one time she was trying to save mina and apologies to her for all the mean stuff she did to her.

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